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Interactive storytelling with short videos & memes!

Low engagement is a huge problem for content creators 🤔

  • Engaging your followers is key in getting discovered and growing your account
  • Quality posts with high, meaningful engagements are more likely to go viral
  • People are seeking more social media engagement as COVID-19 limits social interaction in real life

Boost engagement with interactive storytelling 🚀

Engage your followers directly with interactive storytelling techniques, such as choose your own path story, quiz, poll, game, and more!

Interactive story



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Creating an engaging story is hard, Gloovi makes it easy

  • Our editor is simple, powerful to create stories quickly in your phone
  • Add interactive components to your story like custom buttons, hotspots, and swipes
  • Add music, text, stickers, emojis and more to stand out

Deliver immersive experience with interactive stories

  • Let viewers control and shape the story - choose your own path
  • Engage your viewers with immersive experience
  • Create interactive memes and rick roll your friends 😂

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